Hi! Our names are Nisa and Leah, and we are the founders of MILLEFLEUR. Before starting MILLEFLEUR, we both thought about what we would want our lives to look like after education. We knew that we wanted to work for ourselves and, in the future start our own businesses in whatever it is that we specialize. However, during May of 2020, in our suddenly virtual world, we came together and brainstormed ways we could best use this as an opportunity  for us. We both had interest in fashion, creative talent we wanted to develop,  and a yearn to get involved in the business world. We then decided, why wait? After weeks of planning, figuring out which direction we wanted to go in, and lot's of help and support from our family and friends, MILLEFLEUR was born! As MILLEFLEUR grows we hope to keep true to our values, spread love, and create jewelry that you all want to see.

Nisa Williams

 Leah Cruz